January, 2018

*Project Status*

The UPVP committee is continuing with its fund raising campaign, reaching out to local organizations, corporations, trust funds, veterans support organizations, service clubs, the veterans community in University Place and surrounding communities, and to individuals to inform them of the project, and to solicit donations in support of the plaza project. As of the date of this update, the committee has raised just over $48,000 in purchased items and cash donations. Our goal is to raise an additional $100,000. The committee continues to discuss the project with an interested general contractor who would be willing to manage the construction process. We are also looking for him to contact subcontractors and suppliers who would be willing to donate their skilled labor and materials as in-kind donations towards the project. The start of construction date for the project continues to slide as the committee continues with its fund raising campaign in this struggling economy, in an effort to raise enough money through donations and purchased items to begin the construction process.

As of the date of this news update, the committee now plans to construct both the "Circle of Honor" and "Donor's Plaza" concurrently during the summer/fall of 2018. This is subject to receiving the balance funds or in-kind labor and material donations needed to start.

As you drive by the site, note the project sign and banner on top. Also note the 30' flag pole iinstalled at its temporary location to raise awareness of this important project to the passing traffic. The U.S. and POW/MIA flags are currently being flown.

*Upcoming Events*

April 2018 - Fund Raising Breakfast at Applebee's (Date to be confirmed)

June 2018 - University Place "Duck Days" (Look for our tent/booth)

August 2018 - Fircrest Community Festival (Look for our tent/booth)


Donations Update*

The UP Veterans Plaza Committee is very pleased to acknowledge the following major donations and donors:

Item Donation $$ Donor
U.S. Flag Pole $1,900 Jamie Kirkebo
Army Flag Pole $1,500 Roger Gruener/UP Refuse
Navy Flag Pole $1,500 Bob Schwartz
Coast Guard Flag Pole $1,500 John Heinzinger
Merchant Marines Flag Pole

POW/MIA Flag Pole
The American Legion Uptown Cruisin Assoc.

Mike Venuto
POW/MIA Granite Pylon $1,300 American Legion Post #138

Coast Guard Granite Pylon
Navy Granite Pylon
Merchant Marines Granite  Pylon
Park Bench



Kathy Thaut
Kathy Greene
The American Legion Uptown Cruisin Assoc.

Greg Gooch
Park Bench (2) $1,900 Tacoma Narrows Rotary Club
Park Bench $950 Robert Lambert

Cash Donations: Many individuals from the community have made cash donations to the project. Their names and donation amounts are too numerous to note here. However, the UPVP committee wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all donors for donations of all amounts. Visit our fund raising campaign at to assist us in reaching our fund raising goal.

Donor Tiles: As with the cash donations, many members of our community, also too numerous to list here, have already submitted their donor tile order forms and accompanying payments. To date, the committee has sold approximately 90 donor tile.

THANK YOU for your very generous donations and support of this very important project. STAY TUNED for project updates!