The University Place Veterans Plaza is located just south of the intersection of Cirque Drive and Bridgeport Way West, in the right-of-way park located on the west side of Bridgeport Way SW commonly known as the Drum Road Greenway Park.

Memorial Plaza Description

The memorial plaza, composed of two separate but adjoining plazas, is being proposed to be constructed in two phases. The overall design is based on a circle with concentric ring elements and radiating segments. Phase 1 of the project will be the construction of the "Circle of Honor Plaza" . This plaza is composed of a 40 foot diameter segmented concrete plaza ringed by eight flag poles. The U.S. flag pole is situated at the center, with the five military service flag poles, together with the Merchant Marines flag pole, the MIA/POW flag pole, and the State of Washington National Guard flag pole located at equal segments around the perimeter. Each flag pole with be lighted using flush ground mount light fixtures. In front of each of the perimeter eight flag poles will be a black granite pylon with the top surface polished and with the respective military or state insignia sandblasted into the surface. Fixed concrete bench type seating will partially ring the plaza. Two raised concrete panels behind the concrete bench will display major donor recognition plaques. A raised seasonal flower planting bed will ring the southerly half of the plaza.

The second plaza, designated the "Donors Plaza", will be constructed under phase 2 of the project. This plaza will be situated due north of the Circle of Honor Plaza. It will be composed of permanent donor paver tile set in a sand bed tile areas radiating from the center of the Circle of Honor Plaza. Blank paver tile will be placed in the balance of the Donor's Plaza area, with site etching of the tile as more tile donors contribute to the plaza over time. The existing brick paver tile will be repositioned to created a curved pathway between the two plazas. Painted steel park benches will be positioned at the perimeter of the plaza between trees.

The entire memorial plaza will be surrounded by flowering ornamental trees similar to those located alongside the reflecting pool in Washington D.C. Power outlets will be strategically located to provide power for event audio equipment.

Anticipated Cost

The anticipated cost of the plaza is approximately $150,000 if the committee were to pay full price for all labor and materials. The committee anticipates that much of the manual labor needed to reshape the existing park into a formal memorial plaza will be provided by volunteer groups, construction crews, and individuals. The cost of major items that must be purchsed is approximately $66,000. Many of the major project pieces (flag poles, stone pylons, benches, etc.) have already been donated. Local suppliers have already committed to provide their products either free or at substantial reduction in cost. The committee also hopes for the construction community in and around University Place to donate their expertise and skilled labor for the installation of some key project elements and systems. Some of the skilled labor items needed are project construction management, concrete work, paver tile setting work, and electrical work.

Anticipated Schedule

The project is anticipated to be constructed in 2 phases as follows (all subject to sufficient funds being raised):
  • Phase 1:  The Circle of Honor Plaza is scheduled to start construction in the summer of 2018, subject to available funding
  • Phase 2:  The Donor's Plaza is scheduled to start construction in the fall of 2018, also subject to available funding